Transcendental Meditation and ADHD Consciousness-Based Education
Personal Summary


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A Personal Summary of Progress

My experience during the periods of student teaching at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa and at McNair Elementary in Hazelwood, Missouri has strengthened my belief in the creativity and brilliance of children. Children come to school quite simply "ready for anything". And the more creative I can be, in response, is exactly as successful as I am as a teacher.


I have come to understand, equally, the value in setting rules and rehearsing classroom procedures for children from my "first days of school" -- whether at the beginning of a year, as a soon-to-be full-time educator, or as a newcomer to the classroom, i.e. a student teacher. And I shouldn't worry if I meet a little resistance along the way.

Children have deep ingrained justice within their soul. They will not fight what is fair -- they will just tryout their enthusiasm against it for a day or two to see if it is valid. After that, they are on your side.


It sometimes helps, I have found, to have the strongest personalities behind you as you proceed to rally the class in your cause of education as fun. These people are the "leaders" of the class for the very reason that they have leadership qualities. Even if they are willful at first and unwilling to yield their command of the class to you, their often high intellect will analyze the sense in what you say. One of these individuals as a backer can make a great difference in your creditableness level in the classroom.


Equally, it is very important to watch out for and protect the quiet child in the class. Sometimes the activity of a busy classroom can drown these sweet souls, occasionally in their own tears. Hollow out a silent space for them; give them a refuge within the structure of the class or of the classroom where they can regain their peace and solitude. They, too, will shine in the group if you do.


Most importantly, I have found, I must be a friend and a great defender of every child that has been entrusted to my care. I must love my students! I must dazzle them with the realization of their own capabilities! I must startle them out of their sleepiness, often caused by (way) too much television. And I must turn them into active, motivated learners, by showing them that learning - yes learning! - is by far the most exciting thing they can do in their life.


I have seen that in all that I do I must follow one example-setting precedent -- as I dance, sing, mesmerize, and in every available way “teach” my way into the lives of my young compatriots in education. The secret? "Enjoy!” Enjoy teaching your students, whatever their age, and your students will enjoy learning from you! In this regard, the clarity of spirit found through my daily experience of Transcendental Meditation is entirely indispensable to me as a caring educator. I highly recommend this upgrade to enjoyment of life for one and all - for old and for young!


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