Transcendental Meditation and ADHD Consciousness-Based Education

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Resume -


William C. Torrington

SU Box 373

Maharishi University of Management

Fairfield, Iowa  52557




Profile – Related Experience


I am a parent and skilled "family coordinator" with more than twenty-five years of child-rearing experience. I am proficient in all areas relating to the moral and practical education of children, through this hands-on related practice. I have supported and co-guided my own four excellent students during their formal education, with two of these currently having graduated from university.



1Employment History 

Transcendental Meditation Program - Director

Oakville, Ontario (1976 - 1977) and St. Louis, Missouri (2001 - 2004)



April 1976 – August 2004


I served part-time and full-time as an instructor in the Transcendental Meditation program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (www.tm.org) -- the world’s leading stress reduction program, for the development of physical health and mental clarity.


As co-coordinator of the Oakville, Ontario and St.Louis, Missouri Transcendental Meditation (TM) Program Centers, I was responsible for the presentation of this program to the public, often through public lectures at libraries. I also instructed many TM Program course attendees in the use and continued practice of this technique - verified by over six hundred research studies in: 


     reducing heart disease risk, cancer and all-cause mortality American Journal of Cardiology, 2005; University of Pennsylvania, March 2007)

          increasing intelligence and creativity

          reducing cancer and aging  



Ford Motor Company

St. Louis, Missouri (1990 - 2004)


April 1990 – June 2004


Position - Automotive Builder


Responsibilities - Responsible for construction of quality Ford AeroStar minivans and Explorer SUV products. Independent operator/builder and joint quality- control team member responsibilities included:

     stock management

     statistical error-reduction program implementation (Benning Method) 

for two top award-winning and national sales-leading products. 




Ontario Trailers Ltd.(1970 - 1980)

Toronto, Ontario


July 1970 – January 1980


Position – Sales, Transport and Display team member


Responsibilities - Transport, display, sales and delivery and set-up of recreational and office vehicles for my father's recreational vehicles sales company, including: 

     repair and maintenance of RV's

     parts and repair ordering

     creative set-up of trade show sales exhibits


2.  Education

Maharishi University of Management (MUM)

Fairfield, Iowa


August 2004 – Present


Degree in Progress:


Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Elementary Education Teaching Certificate (Second major)




Humber College

Toronto, Ontario


January 1980 – December 1981


Trade craftsman degree:

Cabinetmaking -


Extensive training in the tools and practices of the cabinetmaking trade




Maharishi Vedic Educational Development Corp.

Maharishi University of Management

Fairfield, Iowa


September 1976 – April 1977


Instructional Degree: 

Teacher Training Course for the Transcendental Meditation Program


A six-month in-residence training program in the implementation of the Transcendental Meditation Program 




Alderwood Collegiate Institute

Toronto, Ontario


September 1967 – June 1970


Freshman to senior upper secondary school certification / GED in Arts and

Sciences based program



3. Further Skills 



     Use of and artistic application of personal computers, including illustrative and color graphics generation

     Use of and publisher-ship on the World Wide Web, including www.billsartbox.com (my art and inspiration website) and www.thestorksnestnovel.com ( an historical novel by Emo Baer)

     Art and media instruction for young children

     Resident advisor skills for MUM international computer MBA program

     Lifetime experience as a parent in the care and education of children



     Published member of the International Society of Poets:




Summer Walk


Moments of sunlight,

Eons of trees,

Green leaf's dance

On primordial breeze.


Forest tunnels,

Ageless air,

Eternal brook-song

Lead us where?


Growth immemorial

Softens our tread;

Silence reminds us

That hearts are God-led.


Time that moved swiftly

Feels nature's pause;

Hurry gives in

To natural laws.


Lives that were tattered

Are found again whole;

Spirit takes rest

 In a summer soul. 







What degree is bestowed

By good-night hugs of a seven-year-old?

What great work of what aclaim

Could pass the glory or the fame

Of fatherhood?


What subject in which college book

Would require the care I took;

What point of study more impart

The education of my heart



What hard-won academic crown

Could augment this cap and gown

Of kite string hours and bug exams

I earned while holding smaller hands

In parks?


Though I walk in common ways

And spend my life in worker's days

I could seek no higher praise

Or title worth adoring gaze

Than "Dad".







Life as autumn leaves

In gentle moments descending

Upon a ringed pond 

Finds peace of self transcending

And thus from that high perch

Does inwardly anew

Seek the homeward source

Of its golden hue.





               A Personal Summary